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  • Hernan Caceres, Esq.

Police Brutality

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Mass protests, are at times, an integral, necessary and voluntary action, in order to effect changes in our cultural, political and social landscape. In our, not too distant past, women were not permitted to vote. Segregation was the norm. Americans made their voices heard, on their views of the Vietnam War. Therefore, mass public protests by our American Youth, are sometimes a necessary and high worthy cause.

If you have been brutally beaten, assaulted, harassed or attacked by the Police due to your fundamental and indelible constitutional right to protest, unprovoked, you have a right to bring all legal action and deploy remedies at law against such brutality. To be clear, this Firm, applauds those Police Officers who have shown bravery and courage while facing extraordinary difficulty those who have summoned their resolve and displayed nothing less than true honor to their calling. As for those individuals who have chosen to violate their oath "to serve and protect" the public trust, they will be held accountable in a Court of Law and will not be spared by Lady Justice.

If you have been injured by such breach of public trust and gross misconduct, please take all necessary measures to document the incident, witnesses, PO badge number, photos, videos. There are critical short time limitations to bring claims against the City of New York. Without identifying the police officer, a claim might be very difficult. Of course, it is of paramount importance to call your attorney, promptly.

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